Raspberrys are very cheap, easy to configure, and have a lot of available hardware. It’s s tiny computer that can be used in electronics projects or experiments. It also plays HD video and can be used by adults and children around the world to learn programming and digital production. The most popular Linux flavors of Ubuntu has many official flavors, including Ubuntu MATE, Ubuntu Budgie, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Rasbian. Ubuntu MATE is much better for the Raspberry Pi just because its lighter than the flagship version of Linux Ubuntu. Raspberry Pi needs an SD card slot for mass storage and it will attempt to start the device when it is powered on board. You need to visit the Ubuntu MATE website and download the image. Click Ubuntu MATE tab. From there, look for raspberry pi options. Format your SD card with a popular SD Formatter tool, insert the Micro SD card into the PC slot and open Win32DiskImager. Find your Ubuntu image file and click on write. After the completion of the image writing process the “Write Successful” message will pop up so after it Eject the micro SD card and put it into the raspberry pi 3 and do power it on. Follow the installation instructions and have fun!