Warspear Online is a 2D MMORPG for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Linux, Windows and Mac OS. Warspear Online has more than 10 million accounts throughout the world and it was announced the best MMO for iOS in 2015 by Best App Ever Awards and Best game by Golden App in 2016. The game features 16 character classes, dozens of combat skills, open world, free PvP, dungeons, raid bosses, hundreds of quests, craft system, guilds and works perfectly even on low-end devices. The new update gets many different quests with rewards including gold and experience: from launching fireworks and collecting presents to clashes with players of the opposite alliance. If you complete the main storyline you will reveal the Paladin of Frost’s true identity and get collectible decorative rewards. Dungeons: Six dungeons for every character’s level filled with monsters and traps. Rewards include top equipment with new bonus “Resistance”, crafting resources other treasures. Group bosses: Four mighty enemies of different levels that drop unique weapons and other precious trophies. Attractions. Solo and group, they are a rich source of Good luck tokens that may be exchanged at vendors for costumes and other rewards. Massive battle: A great battle with the army of Paladin of Frost is activated several times a day. It consists of six stages; after each all participants get a chest with a random reward. Guild raid boss: Paladin of Frost is the main villain of the holiday that only guilds can cope with. The battle against him is the hardest challenge of the event, and victory will bring a Mortis’s Treasury to all guild members.